Constanze Böckmann:

Writings/Quotations on the floor,  2010/2011

Exhibition: FALLSTUDIE (17.12.2010 – 13. 02. 2011)
Oktogon, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

At the exhibition FALLSTUDIE (17.12.2010 – 13. 02. 2011), in the Oktogon, HfBK Dresden, I placed writings on the floor.
The texts were quotations out of the collection and research of the work travels (part 1) and the material out of the Collagebooks.

The chosen quotations were from Gary Hill, Joseph Kosuth, Martin Kippenberger and Louise Bourgeoise. They formulated thoughts on cruising and finding places while being in the process of artistic work.
(„Einen Ort finden, um sehen zu können.“ -

“Verstehen ist ein Prozess, Verstehen als natürlicher Prozess. Dinge als Gedankenprozesse. / Understanding is a process, Understandig as a natural process. Things as Thoughtsprocesses.”
(Gary Hill)

“Einen Ort finden, um sehen zu können. / Finding a place to become able to see.“
(Gary Hill)

“The more I have to say, the less I can speak. / Je mehr ich zu sagen habe, desto weniger bin ich im Stande zu sprechen.”
(Louise Bourgeoise)