Constanze Böckmann: Cowboy

Windowpicture, 2020


LOJP goes Freital 2020

July, 6th til 31st of August 2020  works of the artistgroup LOJP, Manja Barthel, Nina May and Constanze Böckmann was shown in Gallery Brücke22 in Freital, near Dresden.

This place is on a street full of empty shops. This little town Freital had something forgotten, something lost and sad to it.I wrote the Haiku Poem for this purpose. It was also a cut out windowpicture, close to the Cowboy.                             


Haiku für Freital, Fensterbild, Constanze Böckmann © Foto: C.Böckmann

Between the hills

we walk empty streets

the houses remain silent.


The Cowboy and the Wolf, are windowpictures, made of black carton and colored paper.
(Cowboy 160x80cm, Wolf 120x100cm)


Arbeiten von. Constanze Böckmann, Manja Barthel und Nina May, Brücke22, 2020Gallery Brücke22, Freital


Wolf, Fensterbild, Constanze BöckmannWolf, Fensterbild, Constanze Böckmann


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